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Start, manage and grow your amusement business with the FEC Network. Amusement industry resources and amusement links to help new amusement developers, amusement attraction owners and operators start, better manage and profitably grow their family entertainment center, amusement attraction, fun center or indoor party center business.

Many US based amusement business operators reported increased crowds in 2012, while at the same, expressed concern for the record high gas prices and how that might affect sales through 2013. Especially for smaller, community based family fun centers, indoor play centers and other local amusement attractions. The term 'Stay-cation' (originally coined by Canadian comedian Brent Butt) has great relevance in these times of high gas prices, as many families look closer to home for their entertainment experiences. The FEC Network and it's extensive list of amusement manufacturers, suppliers and amusement industry resources can help your attractions business get started and operating profitably to meet the demands of the current economy and the local needs of your community.

Amusement Developers

amusement business developers

If you are looking to start a new amusement business, family fun center, indoor party center or other fun center attraction and are needing some amusement industry resources to help you pull together a fun center business plan or complete your project design, the amusement developer page can help you.

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Amusement Industry

Amusement management for operators

If you own or operate an amusement business, family fun center or other amusement center attraction, you may be here looking for amusement industry services and resources. The FEC Network offers a variety of amusement and management resources for attraction operators, including the International Association of Amusement Operators.

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Amusement Manufacturers

amusement manufacturers and amusement products

Are you looking for amusement manufacturers supplies or equipment suppliers? Your One-Stop web resource for finding amusement equipment, manufacturers, product suppliers, services and industry resources for amusement business developers and operators is the Amusement Equipment Directory... Part of the FEC Network.

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FEC Network - Amusement business welcome

Amusement Business

My name is Derek, and this is my place... thanks for stopping by. On the web starting in 1999 and in the amusement industry since 1994, we have many online resources you can pull from.

The FEC Network is the web's largest commercial network of amusement business resources for fun center owners, amusement operators, new amusement business developers and amusement industry suppliers and equipment manufacturers.

If you are a seasoned amusement operator, but needing a hand with your fun center marketing or amusement management processes, check out the Amusement Operator page for a list of FEC Network resources. If you are a new amusement developer looking for information to start working on a new amusement business or other family fun center project, stop by the Amusement Industry page for some awesome startup resources. If you are an amusement manufacturer or product supplier to the industry, stop by the Amusement Manufacturers page to share your products with our 4,500 plus weekly visitors.

We love talking amusement business and all things family fun center. If your goals are to start a new amusement attraction, indoor party center or your own children's entertainment center business, you have come to the right place.

Take your time, look around, bookmark us and if we can be of assistance please feel free to call my office direct Monday - Saturday at (604)755-7942... happy surfing!

Amusement Industry

For new amusement business developers finding information on startup feasibility, fun center business planning or how to start a family entertainment center business can be somewhat challenging. Because the amusement industry is made up of mostly individual fun center owners and operators, heading down to your local library to research the industry typically yields little results.

Finding local amusement resources for fun center marketing and equipment manufacturers can be just as frustrating. There are associations that amusement developers, owners and operatos can be involved with, including our own Amusement Operators Association - IAAO, but for new family fun center startups belonging to an association in the early stages doesn't always make financial sense. For those new amusement business entrepreneurs that are just starting the research and development phase of an amusement center, or those looking to start an arcade business having a central online resource to get the majority of that amusement business research done is what the FEC Network is all about.

The FEC Network web portal is about helping new fun center developers and attraction operators find those amusement industry resources, websites and the amusement services required to pull together a complete project plan to start a family entertainment center, video arcade center or other amusement attraction.

Start your business, better manage your daily operations, grow your family fun center revenues, provide customer service excellence and make your amusement business as profitable as possible with these FEC Network services and resources.

Amusement Business - New Developers

Over the years, the FEC Network has been associated with many new amusement business startups. From a simple set of online resources or an initial fun center project consultation to our complete Startup Academy program - we have the expertise and experience to assist those who are looking to get started, manage and grow their amusement center attraction. 2013 marks our 18th year in the industry, both as a fun center operator and an attraction manufacturer. For new amusement business developers there are really three hurdles to getting started;

1. Market - the first thing you must determine, is there a real market for your fun center project. Just because there is "nothing for kids to do in this area" or because you think there is a need, doesn't mean there is a real market, or it may be a much different market than you currently think it is. So, step number one in developing your amusement business is to clearly determine that yes, there is a market here, and this is what that market looks like.

2. Location - once you have established that there is indeed a market, and this is what that market looks like (the local demographics, etc), then you can exploit that opportunity with a little amusement indsutry research and a completed fun center business plan to tackle the second challenge - location. We have all heard it before, location, location, location... and the guidelines you have heard from others regarding a business location are the same with a new amusement attraction, with a few exceptions to those guidelines. First, your new fun center business is a planned activity. This means that you do not always have to be right beside the Super Walmart, or next to the new 24 screen cinemas (chances are your new business couldn't afford those lease rates anyway), because most decisions to go to a family entertainment center are planned in advance. Your amusement business or fun center attraction typically will not draw a lot of walk-in traffic just because you are paying through the nose to be beside Walmart. If your plan is to raise five million plus dollars and build the next Dave & Busters, then perhaps a location next to the 24 screen cinema makes sense. But for most of the new amusement business developers we work with, the fun center project is typically under a million dollar startup budget and these retail locations often do not make fiscal sense. This point about amusement center location, goes back to point number one - your market, and what makes sense for your market. With these smaller (million dollar and under) fun center projects, the best location for a few reasons usually turns out to be in a light industrial or warehouse area where the lease rates are more small business friendly, and the ceilings are high. For more ideas and insights about selecting a location for your amusement business - stop by the Family Entertainment Center website and read some of the amusement articles.

3. Funding - ahhh, the big one for most of us. Fun center funding and all the pleasures that go along with finding, securing and spending that amusement business budget. Securing your location, completing the build-out, acquiring your complete attraction mix and spreading the remainder of your amusement budget across your startup and marketing costs. Funding is the number one hurdle for most new amusement developers, and unfortunatley we have never come across one specific bank or funding resource that specializes in project funding. The good news though, projects that have a market, have a completed business plan that professionally presents that market in a real viable opportunity are finding funding. So if this is your dream, we encourage you to keep moving forward and attack the points above with enthusiasm. Pulling togehter all the resources, planning and partnerships to realize your dream isn't a walk in the park, but remember, nothing of value ever comes without effort.

FEC Network Announces Exclusive Laser Tag Agreement

We here at the FEC Network are extremely excited to annonce today, an exclusive distribution agreement with Intager Laser Tag, a global leader in wireless laser tag technology. Based in Budapest Hungary, Intager has offices in 7 countires around the world with thousands of players of all ages enjoying their game every month. Combining our 17 plus years operating and manufacturing experience, into a turn-key laser tag package for new amusement developers and existing owners and operators looking to expand their attraction mix. Read more about the news here.

The Family Entertainment Center Update

I am pleased to announce and introduce the new and more beautified Family Entertainment Center website. It's one of my favorites, because it is the second website I built 8 years ago and has been a diamond in our portfolio, both in the value of content we strive to bring to amusement business developers and the amount of visitors we have the pleasure of hosting every month. This update brings with it a new design and better navigation, along with updated content and a new fun center blog. Our new amusement article section features amusement business reading and an assortment of other fun center and startup specific articles for the new amusement business developer and attractions entrepreneur.

I speak with literally hundreds of people every month who want to start a family entertainment center business and through all of those conversations, one thing continues to stand out... the passion and enthusiasm these new amusement business entrepreneurs have for the amusement industry. I am one lucky guy to be among all of that positive and entusiastic mojo every month. Thanks for finding us and hanging out - let us know if we can help you get your fun center project off the ground.

Amusement Industry News - Laser Tag Arena

The amusement industry holds strong, even in a slower economy projects are getting started and finding the funding to get completed. The Theme Team over there at Creative Works has once again created coolness in design and functionality with their newest laser tag arena maze for Cyber Quest in Spanish Fort, Alabama. In a recent interview, Ambassador of Adventures, Danny Gruening commented that "this was an especially cool project becasue Creative Works was able to manage the entire project from concept through completion, including design, layout and installation." For more amusement business news, read the entire press release "Cyber in the South" a new laser tag arena at the Amusement Equipment Directory.