Amusement Business Developers

IAAPA 2010 Amusement Expo

If you are thinking about starting a family entertainment center, arcade business, indoor party center or other family friendly, community based entertainment center, you have come to the right place.


The FEC Network is your online resource to research, start, grow and manage your fun center attraction.

With a history of fun center operations, indoor party center design, attraction development and manufacturing experience, we can help you define your amusement concept, source the right attraction mix at the right price and get your project off the ground.

And the best part?  We're fun guys to work with...!

Amusement Business Developer Resources

Here is the quick list of FEC Network resources for new amusement developers.

1) If you haven't yet, swing by the the Family Entertainment Center website and stop by the amsuement articles page for a menu of great business reading.

2) If you are looking for amusement products, companies and manufacturers, be sure to bookmark the amusement equipment directory website - it's the only online web resource for fun center developers, amusement owners and operators who miss the tradeshows to gather a complete list of amusement catalogs, resources and materials.

3) If you are looking for a turn-key amusement business opportunity, take a look at Kidmazium - a design/build children's edutainment center by the FEC Network.

As always - a warm and open invitation to call on our 17 plus years experience any time... call the office direct at (604) 755-7942